How To Delete Swiggy Account Permanently

In this new post, I will teach you how to delete Swiggy account easily and don't worry each step will be easy for you. If you have any questions in mind related to Swiggy then don't forget to ask in the comment area.

How To Delete Swiggy Account

 How To Delete Swiggy Account Permanently

  1. Open your email that is registered with the Swiggy app.
  2. Now you have to compose an email to this email address
  4. Write an email regarding deleting your Swiggy account and don't forget you have to write your honest reason regarding deleting your Swiggy app account.

What Is Swiggy?

Swiggy app is one of India's largest and most valuable online food ordering and delivery app. Swiggy was founded in 2014.

You can use the Swiggy for ordering food, Swiggy deliveries are fast. The Swiggy food delivery app also gives you offers.

Even I also use Swiggy for ordering food and snacks its services are really amazing, no limit to order food items. Swiggy is beneficial for both restaurants and users. 


No Minimum Order
Swiggy offers you no restriction on order value and, you can order a 20 rupees item also from Swiggy.
Fast Delivery
Swiggy app promises to deliver its food in 40 minutes and it holds an average delivery time of 37 minutes. So, Food and snack delivery with Swiggy are fast.
Distance Coverage
The most important benefit of the Swiggy app is its coverage of distance. You can order food from the restaurant or hotels that are far from your home using Swiggy. 
Live Tracking
Now the users of Swiggy app no need to worry about their order as Swiggy keeps updating them about the order status. Users can also track the live location of the Swiggy driver to make things further easy for you.
The wallet option helps you to pay for your orders super quick and It also further increases the engagement with  Swiggy app and Swiggy user can also enjoy various types of offers and coupon that only applies to wallet users.
Order Cancellation
Swiggy doesn’t charge its users for canceling their food order before it’s confirmed. But when the food order is confirmed then the Swiggy app charges a cancelation fee based on the order amount.
Final Words
This post was about How To Delete Swiggy Account and I hope that you find this new post by me very useful and good.
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